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Tajuk Kajian Prisoners and Welfare Recipients: Relations and Suggestions
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Faedah kajian kepada JKM This study can help the government to better allocate the yearly budget from avoidable expenses and transferred to the fund for JKM. Therefore, increase the income of the recipients that are under the poverty line. In addition, the government can narrow the gap between the low income earners and high income earners. This study is important, if there is causality linkages between the crime rate and poverty rate because this study will aid in reducing the population of the prisoners. Nowadays the capacity of the prisons are overpopulated. The fund that was supplemented from the avoidable expenses which is from the prison expenses can be used to help the poor. Therefore, reducing the population of people under poverty or poverty rate will resulting in reducing the crime rate thus, the population of the prisoners can also be reduce. Hence, the overpopulated prisons issue that is currently plaguing could be rectify.
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