Bidang Kajian : Kanak-kanak

Pelajar/Pengkaji Oleh: Vivian Tan Yi Ru

Alamat Emel: vivianru5158@gmail.com

Tarikh: 10/08/2020

Abstrak Kajian

Like many countries, Malaysia has long been overwhelmed by the social concern on juvenile crime. Therefore, Malaysia government has made improvement to enhance the rehabilitation programs, particularly through the interactive workshops and renovations of certain building in the institution. Rehabilitation became a potential approach as punishment causes youth to have more trauma and mental illnesses. Certainly, we should be trying to help the youth to change by providing them with meaningful training skills, with psychological-treatment programs, with counselling and so on. As we can see the children are potentially more persuaded to respond completely positive to rehabilitation therapy. There is a tendency to develop children both emotionally and physically in visual environment and psychologically-physically. This research aims to explore analyze the current conditions of the facilities and programs to improve the quality of spaces catering to the needs of the inhabitants. It will also identify the design aspects on facilities and activities offered that influence the youth’s psychology, productivity and developments during their rehabilitation period. Also, to understand and analyze the needs of the youth in response to the spaces and facilities provided at the rehabilitation center. Two identified institutes are Sekolah Tunas Bakti in Sg Besi, Kuala Lumpur and its sister school in Taiping, Perak. These two-case study will be conduct through interviews and observations. Findings from the research will lead to suggestion on improvement that can aid rehabilitation school proprietors, building consultants, designers and most importantly governments who are involved being as a guardian of these youths. These findings will illuminate a pattern of similarities and differences in in build environment and space appropriation to give a better understanding of what is required for a conducive rehabilitation school for youth.

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