The Influence of Technology and Parenting Styles in Crime: A Study among Juveniles in Pahang

Bidang Kajian : Kanak-kanak

Pelajar/Pengkaji Oleh: Mohamad Fakrul Nizam Bin Sazali

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Tarikh: 24/07/2023

Abstrak Kajian

The involvement of juveniles in committing criminal cases in this country is seen to be increasing and further endangering these juveniles, who will become the heirs to the country's leadership in the future. The usage of technology as well as the parenting style are also seen as factors that need attention in dealing with this increasingly troubling issue. This study used a qualitative method to investigate the reality of life among juveniles who have been convicted of criminal offences and ordered by the court to attend Sekolah Tunas Bakti Jerantut. A total of 10 juveniles were selected to be involved in this study based on purposive sampling. The research instrument that has been used is an in-depth interview. The results of the interview found that the use of technology influenced the involvement of these juveniles in committing criminal cases, especially those related to sexual offences and drug offences. The authoritarian parenting style that has been practised by parents is seen as a parenting style that influences these juveniles to be involved in criminal cases. Permissive parenting styles, as well as neglectful parenting styles, contribute to these juveniles' involvement in criminal cases. This research will assist families, especially parents, educators, school administrators, school counselors, relevant governmental agencies, and the community to understand the causes of juveniles' criminal involvement as well as solutions to address the issues.


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